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Win €500 Worth of Spiralli Services

Now Until the 1st of August!

From now until the 1st of August, every time you drop into us for a consultation, to discuss a job, to talk about a referral or just to say hi, you are welcome to put your business card into the bowl at the front desk.

Just Pop in and Put Your Card in the Pot

On the 1st of August we will pick out a random card. The winner will receive Spiralli services worth €500. The more visits you make, the more chances you have to win the draw. If you send a referral to us with your business card, we’ll put both yours and theirs into the bowl!

Spiralli provides the following web services:

NiamhPlease note: expenses bought on behalf of the client such as domain, hosting, software, etc. are not included.

For those of you who are at a geographical disadvantage (our Dublin, London, African, German, American, Canadian, etc. clients for example) you are most welcome to arrange a quick skype session or phone call with us and we will put your card in the pot for you.

Thanks for taking part, let’s make someone very happy!

Cheers, Niamh, Director @Spiralli