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Web Development

Web Development Services

Wherever possible, we use off-the-shelf software, as this is always the most cost effective route. In some circumstances, no ready-made solution exists. In such cases, we’ll usually first look at modifying an existing solution to match the requirements of the customer. Occasionally, a client has a niche requirement that requires completely bespoke development, here in Cork or outsourced as required.

When having software developed, we interview the client and establish the requirements. We then look for holes in the requirements, conflicts, or anything else which may be technically problematic. When the requirements are complete, we compile a technical specification for the software that will form the basis of the agreement with the development team. We map out a timeline that is achievable and agreeable for all parties, and include milestones that align with key deliverables. At each milestone we perform QA testing on the product, and interface with the client where approriate. On completion, we work with the client through acceptance testing, and onto deployment. We’ll normally hold the final payment to the developer for 90 days to allow the client to discover any final bugs or non-compliant features and have these rectified.



  • Bespoken integration between Magento eCommerce website and electronic point of sales system. The system was implemented in record time and saved the business 20 labour hours per week.
  • Complete booking system for playcenter, featuring online eCommerce bookings with complex form-driven pricing, SMS integration, backend booking system with full reporrting, vouchers, discount codes, etc.
  • Tax calculator based on a series of complex calculations