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Social Media Time Management – Part 3

Efficiencies – Tips, Tricks and Management


Habit and practice will save you time. The only way to get there is repetition.

Setting Goals

Have a specific set of tasks that you want to take care of in a given period of time online. Get these done before being tempted to surf and chat. Responding to comments or queries is vital and fresh content is the next priority. Get offline or stay online longer depending on your availability.

Give yourself mini-goals or objectives as appropriate:

  • Time vs. Accomplishments: increase accomplishments in a given period of time
  • Frequency of Updates vs. Frequency of Engagement
  • Number of new Fans, Followers or Connections in a given period of time

Learn How to Touch Type

There are some very fast two finger typists out there but they will always be beaten by a practiced touch typist. There are free online games that teach you how to touch type, start learning today; it will bring efficiencies to all your admin tasks. Touch typists do not look at the keyboard; their fingers “know” where the keys are. It is possible to type as fast as you think – just make sure you proofread your posts before you submit!


If you are not regularly on computers as part of your work day, getting a smart phone and a data package is advisable and will enable you to manage your social media accounts when out and about. Take advantage of those times when you are waiting for a client or travelling by train or plane.


Is it wise to delegate? If you have a social media policy and personnel who know the business and how to use social media to best effect then yes, absolutely. Develop a social media policy and make sure all employees/directors are aware of its contents. Have a marketing plan that incorporates social media and again make sure everyone is aware if its contents. Make sure you have your own log-in to your business Facebook page (you can now designate different levels of authority). Carry out regular assessments of progress. Make sure negative comments or complaints are addressed as appropriate in a timely manner. If your staff needs professional social media for business training, arrange it so that brand damage can be avoided from the beginning.


Is it a good idea to automate? If you can give tips or valuable nuggets of information or links, then yes by all means automate that. However, do not rely on automation – social media is all about social interaction. Without the human connection, there is no relationship building going on and ultimately it will not work.


If your business has a typically slow period, such as a seasonal dip in activity, use this time to stockpile tip lists (tips in 140 or less characters for use on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn status bars), or blog posts, or categorised photographs or links for future use.


You can setup your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to feed into each other automatically saving you time. For example you can publish a blog post and have it automatically update your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and Facebook page. You can setup Facebook to tweet every update, ditto for LinkedIn.

[note align=”center”]Note: setting up your twitter account to automatically update LinkedIn is not a good idea for most people, especially if they use a personal twitter account instead of a more formal business themed one. It will inevitably be forgotten that the connection is there and the odd inebriated or off colour tweet could do serious damage to your reputation on LinkedIn. Similarly, you may annoy people on LinkedIn by posting several tweets within a short space of time. If you wish to update LinkedIn with the odd tweet only this can be done by using the hash tag #in.[/note]

Grab Your Opportunities

There will be opportunities that present themselves to you – get into the habit of recognising them and taking advantage of them in that short moment. For example:

  • Tweeting about an event you have heard about or an event you are currently involved in
  • Taking a photograph of something interesting when you see it and uploading it right then and there – this could be a new product just in or a silly picture of a cow – whatever is appropriate for your specific social media plan
  • Making a note about a blog post idea you’ve just had and don’t want to forget
  • Update your status with your opinion about something you have just seen on television or heard on radio

For all of the above, smart phones are an invaluable tool.

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What is your experience? Feel free to comment with your opinion.