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Opportunity knocking – are you ready? Are you even there?

Many Irish companies would benefit from creating a social media management role (part or full time) in order to take full advantage of their online sales channel – as a nation we are far behind in taking advantage of this sales channel and we can’t afford to be.

The younger generations are looking for products and services right now and they aren’t finding the variety and competition in the marketplace that they should be – and as for providing shop local options online… Ask any local of any town in Ireland and you’ll find they are frustrated at the lack of information or ecommerce in most sectors locally.

There are resources out there to help small local businesses set up ecommerce websites, employ personnel, get advice, training and mentoring… Via organisations such as Employability and the National Learning Network, you can employ people using the Wage Subsidy Scheme. You can offer experience and training to JobBridge job seekers – many of them would appreciate boosting their CV with the fact that they have received specific training and experience in social media for business or in how to manage a website for a company. Ideally, hopefully you are able to hire them on at the end of the JobBridge period using the JobsPlus grant.

These are just some of the options out there. There are many more (see link below).

The Irish business community is missing out on a growing chunk of the market. There are supports in place that make it affordable to answer that knock… Are you ready? Are you even there?

– What’s your take on this? Comments welcome below.


With regard to getting your online sales channel manager trained and ready for action, we can help.

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