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Increase Your Customer Base

Increase Your Customer Base

Start by taking a look at last year’s figures and your most up-to-date business plan. Use some of the following questions to assess 2011 and plan your 2012 advertising/sales campaign:

  • What were your sales goals in 2011 and did you reach them?
  • What was your target market in 2011? Did you succeed in reaching that market?
  • How did you target? What types of advertising did you use and what was your return on each type of advertising investment? Narrow it down again if you can.

[note title=”N.B.” align=”center” width=”400″]If you don’t always ask new customers where they heard of you, start now – this is vital data when its time to analyse your  advertising budget.[/note]

  • Has your target market changed from last year? Or expanded? This could be due to trends or changing demographics or geographical reach.
  • Based on your advertising investment returns, what will you increase/decrease in 2012 in order to optimise your returns and save on costs?
  • How targeted is each type of advertising? Are you wasting money on advertising that isn’t targeted to the right market?
  • Have you used and assessed all types of advertising? Or is there something you haven’t tried yet?
  • Have you considered growing your business geographically by using ecommerce or online advertising?
  • Do you have or can you utilise marketing and design expertise to get your message across more effectively?

[note title=”Tip” align=”center” width=”400″]When answering these questions, get a business owner friend you can trust to sit down with you and discuss each other’s responses (or find a good business coach/mentor). An outside view is invaluable to this process and can result in new ideas and fresh approaches to challenges in 2012 for both of you. [/note]

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