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How’s Your “Onfline” Presence?

Often the first application of a new technology will be as a marketing tool. Advertising has been synonymous with print, radio and television for as long as those technologies existed. It took a little longer for the advertising world to align itself with the web, with Yahoo being an early success story, and Google going on to dominate.

With social media, digital marketing, website updates, SEO activities, and the myriad other activities that a business needs to look after, it’s easy to put the cart in front of the horse, and forget about the offline side of marketing and advertising. By the same token, some people are dead set against the digital world and ignore it completely when it comes to their marketing activities.

The truth of the matter is that extremes don’t work – a co-operative platform of online and offline does work. So… how’s your onfline presence?

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

Take a look at your current audience, as well as your current potential audience. Unless you occupy a very unusual niche, you are probably trying to reach a reasonably diverse niche with a footprint in both the digital and analogue worlds. The good news is that you probably want to supply the same message to both worlds – namely that you’re open for business with a unique selling point that makes you perfect for your target market. Work smart and write your content once, then tweak it slightly to make it fit your website, Facebook posts, tweets, radio ad, print flyer, etc. This approach saves you time and ensures a consistent brand identity across all media.

You Scratch My Back…

Good advertising gives the customer the information they need to choose you over your competitors. The key here is information – a small newspaper ad can only convey so much information, but a link to your website in that ad is a pathway to all the information they might need! Yet we so often see print ads that omit basic website and phone number information.

By the same token, if you write a news item/blog post on your site, why not redistribute it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletter? Doing so will allow you to reach a much wider network and leverage the resharing features built into these technologies. We can even show you how to automate much of this work.

Think Creatively

You can’t put a YouTube video in a newspaper ad, but you can insert a QR code that will take a smartphone user to the video in a second or two. That Facebook competition you’re running can be featured in your flyer distribution. Your TV ad can be recirculated on YouTube and on your website. Why not incorporate your website address into your elevator pitch, as you hand over your business card?


Innovation is creativity with a job to do. John Emmerling

Your online and offline marketing efforts should work in tandem, to maximise reach and impact.

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