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How to setup a Google My Business Page

What is a Google My Business Page?

It’s the business card-like display about a company which Google displays when you search for a business. It contains the contact details, opening times, location on a map and photos of a company.

Before you start!

Decide which e-mail address you are going to set this up with! It might seem like a negligible factor but it is better to set this up with a general company e-mail which, should the staff member leave, you will still have access to. Marketing@ or info@ are ideal. Personal, non-company, e-mail addresses will create problems in the future when edits need to be made if the account owner has left the firm.


1) Go to https://www.google.ie/business/ and click ‘Start Now’

2) Add company information

It will then give you the option to search for your business, which can ease the process. This guide is for if there is no business found, though if one exists the process will be even easier.

Enter the correct data for your business:

  • Business Name
  • Address (including Eircode)
  • Phone Number
  • Category of business
  • Whether or not you deliver goods to your customers at their location.

3) All correct and T+C acceptance

You will then be presented with the information and your location on a map. If anything needs to be corrected, go back a step and do so. If everything is correct, click the checkbox to confirm you own the business and that you accept the T+C.

4) Verification

The next step will ask you if you want your verification to be posted now or later – your choice! Either way, nothing will show on Google until you verify your business. Now you will have a page which allows you to add or edit the business information. It is at this stage which you can add things like your business opening hours, photos etc. You can also add a virtual tour of your premises if you wish, although this is not a case of just being a few clicks, so I won’t cover this exact process here.

5) Adding Photos

Adding photos is quite a simple process, but you need to consider which images to use which will best show off your business. Thy fall into the following categories:

  • Identity photos – Think of it like a profile picture, what would show off your business best? The shopfront? Your product? Your logo?
  • Interior Shots – Pictures of the interior of your business. For some lines of business this will matter more than others. Bars, Restaurants and Hotels will place far more emphasis on this than a Landscaper will.
  • Exterior Shots – These will help people to recognise your business when they are close. This is particularly important for those unfamiliar with your location, so it’s worth making sure they help to guide potential new customers through the door – especially if your business is in any way hard to find!
  • Photos at work – Photos illustrating your company doing what they do to reinforce what services you offer.
  • Team Photos – Photos showing the team and/or management of your company – surprisingly enough!

If you wish to add any other pictures which you don’t feel suits any of these categories there is also a section for miscellaneous photos.

6) Add your website!

There’s little point in having a website if you don’t ask google to show it to people searching for your business.


So hopefully this will help you to boost trade, both to the physical premises of your company and to your website. If you seek any assistance or help, please give us a call on 022-55002 or email us.