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Good WordPress Hosting: The Holy Grail?

WordPress powers almost quarter of the web, and is growing that share fast, so it can’t be all bad, right? Yet, if you read forums you’ll see comments like “WordPress is slow”, “WordPress is insecure”, or just the generic WordPress sucks.

The fact is that most of these comments can be attributed to either lack of knowledge, bad third party software or bad hosting.

We can always educate and audit candidate software, but what’s to be done about bad hosting?

Good hosting needs a number of attributes, in my opinion:
  1. Performance – performance will be dependent on processing power, memory, the webhosting software stack and caching, and it’s common for traditional shared hosting to fall flat in a number of these areas.
  2. Cost – let’s face it; cost is important, A dedicated server will perform much better than shared hosting, but will cost 100 times more, and that’s before we begin to factor in maintenance.
  3. Support – when something goes wrong, you need to know that your webhost is knowledgeable, available and obliging. It is common to find hosts who ignore support tickets for days, don’t know WordPress, and pass the buck on issues.
  4. Security – this is sometimes an afterthought with hosting providers. Bad filesystem permissions and ownership, down-rev unpatched operating systems and misconfigured firewalls are some of the many problems we have encountered.
  5. Availability – when a data center goes down, so does your website. You want to make sure that your site is hosted on a robust cloud, on an infrastructure with redundancy built in at every stage, so that if something goes “bang”, your site keeps on running while the problem is repaired.
  6. Scalability – as your site grows, you need to feel secure that you can expand your infrastructure without moving hosting to meet your new requirements. Moving is a disruptive and challenging task, whereas if you have the facility to add resources to your hosting, this can be done with minimal disruption.
Many of us settle for 1 or 2 out of 5. But we’ve partnered with a cloud provider who we believe offers us all 5.
Cloud hosting offers performance levels approaching those of dedicated software, but with the added advantages of low cost, redundancy and scalability. WordPress performance on our platform is stunning, due to a tweaked web stack based on Varnish, Memcached, Apache and Nginx. Cost is extremely affordable , starting at perhaps double the cost of typical shared hosting. You get two levels of support – we can address most issues, but will elevate in the unlikely event of a problem arising with the hosting stack. Security is top notch, with a locked down firewall, automatic operating systems patches and updates, and the availability of automated periodic backups. With several large cutting edge high redundancy data centres around the world, you can feel confident that your site will exceed the 99.99% promised in the SLA. Being a cloud host, scalability is not an issue and you can keep on expanding to meet your traffic requirements.
We’ve got years of experience in cloud hosting, which is rare in the industry. If you’re tired of running into problems with your WordPress performance, price, support, security, availability or scalability, why not call Ivan today on 022 34168.