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DOT blog for a blog?

.com and .ie may be established, but 2015 was the year of .online and 2016 means the arrival of .blog


Yes, this is a relatively new TLD.  While only a year old and having no nation behind it to push for its usage it has gone from strength to strength.  There are already over 385,000 websites with the .online TLD, and by the end of this year it looks likely to have fully double the number of websites as can be found on a .ie domain.

So what of .Blog?

Well, this hasn’t actually been officially launched yet, so if you wish to be a trendsetter, you can be! At present it is in the “sunrise” stage, wherein trademark owners can apply for their domains from now until October 17th.  It is also possible for those who wish to do so to submit pre-registration applications for the later ‘Landrush’ and General Availability phases. General availability is when you can simply buy them if they have not already been registered, but ‘Landrush’ is going to be an interesting time for observers and those involved alike as it is the bidding period. If you want to secure football.blog, hurling.blog or technology.blog? Well, such a premium name may take a balance of luck and money to secure.

You’ll notice we mention Trademarks. Traditionally blogs are associated with being a personal thing – a place to publish thoughts, stories or self-written articles. However blogs are also often used by companies as a way to strengthen the link between them and their customer base. We expect to see many companies utilise this new domain and indeed Blacknight, the leading hosting and domain registration company in Ireland, have already set up one in order to lead by example.  Although I expect to see many companies merely act to secure their trademark and redirect to their main site I am hopeful that more companies will use this opportunity to put greater emphasis on their blogs as a way to communicate with customers.

.blog important dates:

Sunrise (for trademark holders): Open from now until October 17th
Landrush (bidding period for premium URL’s): From November 2nd to 9th
General Availability: Opens on November 21st

If you wish to utilise a .blog domain please either get in touch with us here at Spiralli if you want assistance with either the purchasing and registration of the domain or to build a site for it.  If you wish to go solo on the registration, check out Blacknight who are offering these domains for sale.