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10 Tips for Tracking Sales Lead Sources

Show Me the Money!

It is vital that you know where your marketing budget is being spent. The last thing you want is to spend without getting a return on your investment.

So, do you know if you’re flushing any of your hard earned cash down the loo or is it all contributing to an increase in sales?

Here are some tips to help you find out.

#1 Ask – when you answer your phones and it is an inbound sales call, always ask “How did you hear of us?“.

#2 Media specific offers – whether you are giving a discount, doing a competition, doing a promotion on a specific product or service or just pushing a special offer, do one per media type (radio, Facebook, newspaper, etc.) so that when someone inquires about that offer, you automatically know where they came from.

#3 Group specific offers – whether it’s in person networking groups or LinkedIn groups, push a specific offer in a specific place and when the query comes in, again, you’ll know where it came from.

#4 Event specific offers – if attending an exhibition, you could do a special offer or voucher for that event only.

#5 Vouchers and coupons – put codes on the voucher or coupon that shows where the person found it (e.g. local advertiser magazine, Facebook, Google, etc.). When they hand in the voucher, not only will you know where they came from, but you’ll have a physical record of it automatically. In this case you can have the same offer, but the codes change depending on where the offer was advertised.

#6 Hold a competition – ask that a specific “password” be mentioned via text, email, post or phone call as part of the competition and make that password specific to the media you used to promote the competition. Again, it can be the same competition, just change the password depending on where the competition was advertised.

#7 Questionnaires/feedback – whether it’s comment cards or a street questionnaire or an online questionnaire, make sure that you include the “How did you hear of us?” question with tickable boxes for an easy quick way to answer. (You might also want to include a “Would you like to receive our newsletter?” in that comment card also for later use, even if you don’t yet do a newsletter. Newsletters are strictly opt-in so don’t miss a gold opportunity.)

#8 Encouraging referral partners – Make sure you let your contacts/clients know that you’d like them to refer business to you and ask them to make sure the referred person mentions the name of the referrer. To encourage this, you might want to offer a small referral fee or little presents like restaurant vouchers, etc. When someone does refer business your way, make sure to thank them! It might be a phone call or a thank you card, but be sure to do it if you want them to do it again…

#9 Phone numbers and landing pages – use separate phone lines on separate landing pages on your website to evaluate specific online adverts, posts, web pages, listings, etc. that link to those specific landing pages. You could do this also with different email addresses that are created for the sole purpose of a specific offers or promotions.

#10 Website contact forms and online quote request forms – you should be able to see if an email came from your website form and if so which one.

Finding out where they heard of you is half the battle. The rest is recording the answers and periodically analyzing them. Don’t be tempted to rely on your memory as it can play tricks on you. Whether you use a notebook, a spreadsheet or a CRM, make sure you use the data to evaluate your marketing spend (be that time or money).

If you need help with this or any web related issue, feel free to call me on 087-7700471 or 022-55002. Happy tracking!

Niamh Ni Chearbhaill